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invites Industry Professionals/ Academicians/ Researchers for submitting their original, previously unpublished and high quality research papers. The conference will be focused on addressing research challenges in the field of Environment Design and Sustainability, Sustainable & Smart Buildings,  Community Resilience & Social Sustainability in the built environment and Heritage and Sustainability but not limited to the following:

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Theme 1

Environment Design and Sustainability

The theme integrates various academic disciplines to address the fundamental problems related to planning and design practices and their sustainability. We believe that this interdisciplinary theme suits scholars and practitioners who share an interest in – and concern for – sustainability in a holistic perspective, where environmental, cultural, economic and social concerns intersect

Theme 2

Sustainable & Smart Buildings

With the notion of Industry 4.0 being operationalized, investigating the prospects of the developing sub-domains, within the field of sustainability, most specifically in relation to technology, is essential. In this line, the emphasis of this cluster is on identifying the prospects, challenges and potentials of achieving sustainable goals in cost-effective smart buildings, forming sustainable future smart cities. 
Theme 3

Community Resilience & Social Sustainability in the built environment

Community resilience is the existence, development, and engagement of community resources by community members to thrive in an environment characterized by change and uncertainty. Members of resilient communities intentionally develop personal and collective capacity that respond to and influence change, that sustains, renews creates new trajectories for a communities’ future.  Community resilience may determine its ability to successfully mobilize and respond to stress, making resilience integral to social sustainability. It values the knowledge, capacities, skills and experiences of community members, and empowers members to participate more fully in community.
Theme 4

Heritage and Sustainability

Cultural heritage is no longer perceived as a static phenomenon but a dynamic process of evolution constantly getting shaped as per changing contexts, needs, expectations and perceptions of the society. Today heritage is perceived as a vital resource for socio-economic and sustainable development due to its crucial importance in understanding societies’ intrinsic and extrinsic values.  It is no longer absent from the mainstream sustainable development debate and is perceived as a vital resource for the sustainable development of smarter, socially aware and inclusive societies.
Theme 5

Pandemic Issues on Sustainable Development

The ability of the built environment to rise after every crisis in history is an inspiration to researchers and professionals with the hope that together with shared expertise and engagement with the community, each nation could face these unprecedented challenges strategically. A localised framework for developing and implementing a pandemic-resilient built environment be established to ensure no nation’s community is left behind to mitigate future pandemics.